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Dispute resolution focuses on positive solution-focused help using:

    • Creative problem solving and positive processes that work to build relationships

    • Holistic approaches taking into account more than just legal or administrative roadblocks

    • Quicker and cheaper than court.

What We Believe

Emerge believes that a facilitated conversation with an expert dispute resolution practitioner can save months, or even years, of damaging conflict that could harm you and the people you care about, or need, most.

How we help people in conflict

Emerge understands that people may struggle to communicate when resolving conflict or transitioning to a new relationship. This occurs commonly in the context of family, intimate, workplace and neighbourhood relationships.

 Emerge helps its clients to have supported conversations that enable them to develop strategies and a sequence for problem solving. With our help, our clients are then better able to tackle components of their conflict logically and, if necessary, seek more effective, less expensive advice from other professionals. With this type of supported problem-solving, most people resolve conflict earlier and are then more able to collaborate and transition to a functioning relationship.

Emerge consultants will meet each of the parties individually to assess whether the situation is suitable to mediate and, if it is, how best to go forward. Sometimes it is best for all parties to meet together while sometimes this is not possible. In that case your consultant will work out how best to handle the session, sometimes parties will be in separate rooms with Emerge’s consultant going between the two, at others sessions are best held on the phone. Many of our clients bring their solicitor or another support person to the dispute resolution meeting but others prefer to come alone.

Clare Sneddon
Mediator, Negotiator & Dispute Resolver
Phone: +61 (0) 401 608 268